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Send Your Marketing Materials Instantly

Your message is ready. Your sales force is ready. Your customers are waiting. Your sales materials will be available…when? TOOF American Digital’s TAD-On-Demand software solution allows you to get the latest sales or training materials into the hands of your team or in front of your customers immediately. New business stationery or cards can be customized online and shipped directly to the end-user. Specific personalized presentations or brochures are a breeze. AND, you have the comfort and confidence to know your company’s brand is being strictly controlled across whatever regional or national footprint you operate in.

Simplified Administration Dashboard

Your current marketing materials and your current contact lists merge seamlessly within TAD, empowering you to make each communication speak directly to your prospects – hundreds at a time, or one at a time. TAD incorporates the communication preferences of your audience, so they receive your messages in the format and on the schedule that they choose.

Most importantly, you and your team share the intuitive TAD dashboard, the portal to your communications library. What you upload with a click today is in everyone’s hands today – so everyone is always on the same page.

Flexibility to Meet Your Needs

TAD can be structured to meet your needs, whether simple as an online catalog or as complicated as building a direct mail campaign online. And it isn’t limited to just print, many of our customers employ TAD to handle other items or to direct orders to other non-print vendors. Anything to make your life easier and more productive. TAD empowers you to deploy it, via print-on-demand, fulfillment from our warehouse, by direct mail, or customized premium document.

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Our Services
Offset Printing

Providing quick, accurate, & personalized service, we are your complete source for state-of-the-art, high-speed sheetfed & web press printing.

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Digital Printing

Maximize your print budget and cut down on extra inventory by printing only what you need, when you need it. Most jobs print and ship in 24 hours.

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Direct Mail

Our powerful direct mailing and variable data print services allow organizations to deliver personalized messages efficiently, on-time, & effectively.

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Supply Chain

With facilities strategically located minutes away from global shipping hubs, we empower our clients with fast, low-cost fulfillment capabilities.

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Web to Print

Instantly upload, customize, and deploy your latest sales or training materials to your audience using our powerful, web to print software solution.

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Apparel & Promotions

TOOF American Digital proudly partners with Champion Promotion for apparel, promotional items, and custom awards and tees.

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